Hard Starting


There are many systems required for a car to start properly, so regular maintenance is necessary to keep your vehicle starting reliably.

First, there are many electrical components needed to start successfully. A well-charged battery is necessary to turn the starter. The battery will also provide voltage to the ignition coil(s), as well as provide power to the fuel pump and fuel injection system. Spark plugs need to be clean and have a proper “gap” to allow the fuel in the cylinder to ignite.

As you can see, the electrical system, the fuel system and other sub-systems all must work in concert to allow for proper starting. This is why regular maintenance is so important to the reliability and long service life of your vehicle.

Is your vehicle hard to start?

If it won’t “turn over”, the first area to examine is the electrical system. If it turns over, but does not “fire”, it could be electrical, fuel management, ECM, ignition coil(s)...only a thorough inspection will tell the tale.

Many times, the issues making your vehicle hard to start will also clear up drivability issues as well. Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to find out the nature of your problem, and the required work to return your vehicle to top-notch performance. You’ll be glad you did!

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